Best Basmati Rice In India 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Any special occasion in an Indian household is always celebrated with a rice dish, and you can smell the strong, beautiful aroma from far away. Ever wondered what exactly makes this aroma so soothing#? It is the smell of basmati rice that lures your taste buds.

The sheer popularity of this type of rice has driven hundreds of brands to compete with each other to produce the best basmati rice in India. This article will help you navigate your way through these different pantry supply brands and give you all the information that you require about basmati rice.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Basmati Rice In India

Before purchasing the best basmati rice in India, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration. These factors will help you to make an informed decision so that you purchase the most premium quality basmati rice available in the market.

basmati rice


The starkest difference that will instantly catch your eye when you compare different varieties of rice is its shape. Basmati rice has a distinct shape that is long and narrow. The ends are tapered, and the grains are never flat.

Another way you check for this is that after cooking, the grains will turn out to be elongated. This is its unique feature, as no other rice doubles up in length as basmati grains do. The shape of basmati rice is also what makes it look so good when served on the plate.


The color of the rice says a lot about its quality and the nutritional value that it contains. It is not just basmati rice but all kinds of rice can be judged based on their color. If you find completely white rice, you must know that it has been polished to such an extent that all its nutrients have been lost.

Rice grains that have a slightly yellowish tinge are said to be the best kind, as they have not been extensively polished and hence, are healthier to consume.


Yet another important factor that must be taken into consideration before buying the best basmati rice in India is its smell. The smell is one of the first things that strikes anybody, as rice is aromatic. The pure aroma of your pulao or biryani is that of good-quality basmati rice.

Even in its raw form, the rice will have a very strong and sweet smell, and if the grains smell like this, you will know that the quality is great. One can say that more than half of the essence of basmati rice, and the reason people in India love it so much, is because of its smell.

Duration Of Aging

Here is a peculiar fact about rice that many people are unaware of – aged rice tastes better. . In this way, it is similar to wine. The older your basmati rice is, the better it will cook, stay separated, be fluffy, and not stick to one another. The average lifespan of basmati rice is at least 6-12 years, and in many cases, it turns out to be more.

The only way to retain the smell and taste of the grains and help it mature is to keep it sealed in a silo, where an optimum temperature is maintained for storage. The aroma only gets stronger and sweeter as time passes. Time has a good effect on the texture of basmati rice, making it completely non-sticky and fluffy.

Cook your basmati rice well after many days of storage, and then eat it with your favorite gravy. The rice will absorb the gravy and taste heavenly.

Best Basmati Rice Brands In India

basmati rice

This section lists some of the best basmati rice brands in India and the various reasons why they are considered so. The following list consists of top brands. However, there are various other brands that you can try out as well after having done adequate research on them.


If you are looking for a brand that produces premium-quality rice, especially for special occasions, Shrilalmahal is the brand for you. The rice grains become tender in texture after cooking, and the fragrance is mouth-watering. This is considered to be a halal food grain, as the brand itself says.

You can use the Shrilalmahal basmati rice for cooking a variety of dishes, and the result will always be perfect. This rice is stored for around 2 years before it is sold in the market, and that is what makes it a quality option.


The taste of Kohinoor basmati rice is absolutely authentic. This rice is also stored for 2 years straight in ideal storage conditions. You can cook it for any occasion or on any regular day, and the rice will always turn out to be perfect.

Basmati rice has many benefits for your health, such as controlling bad cholesterol and taking good care of your heart. And most brands, like Kohinoor, ensure their variant has these benefits.


This is a brand name that is popular not only in every Indian household but outside the country as well. While earlier Fortune was known only for its varieties of oil, the brand has recently introduced packaged basmati rice as well. You can use the Fortune basmati rice for cooking a lip-smacking plate of food.

Not only do the grains look beautiful after being cooked, but it also does not make you feel heavy and uncomfortable after eating. The rice contains mostly carbs and a very small amount of fats.

India Khaas

basmati rice

India Khaas is a truly special brand, as it produces and distributes the most elongated basmati rice you will ever come across. The quality is marvelous and has been appreciated by people all across the world. This rice is high in carbohydrates and can be an effective way to lose weight.

The brand provides a 100% assurance that it is pure without any mixture of low-quality rice grains. The best part about the India Khaas basmati rice is its packaging, which comes with a zip lock so that you do not have to store the rice separately.

India Gate

The 5th brand on this list of best basmati rice brands in India is India Gate, which is popular among the people of the country for both its supreme quality as well as affordable pricing. The rice once cooked, is non-sticky, fluffy, and smells great. You can eat it regularly or store it for special occasions in the house.

Lal Quila

Lal Quila is another brand that stores basmati rice for 2 years before selling it, to make the smell even stronger and the taste even better. Since the temperature is controlled properly while storing the rice, the aroma gets captured in every grain, which is released when you cook it.

basmati rice

The advantage of basmati rice is that the fat is controlled and hence, even if you eat too much of it, your weight will not be affected a great deal. Use the Lal Quila basmati rice for cooking your favorite dishes.


Daawat manufactures and distributes its basmati rice all across the world, not only in India. The rice is known for getting fluffed up after being cooked, and the flavors of the rice will stick to your taste buds for a very long time. The rice stays intact while cooking and does not break, which makes the dish look aesthetic.

Health issues are kept at bay because the Daawat basmati rice contains a number of nutritious elements. This is a brand of rice that you can eat on a daily basis.


Eravat is a brand that has been manufacturing medium-sized basmati rice for many years now. This is a result of mixed breeding, by which farmers have combined and mixed different varieties of basmati rice to produce rice that smells and tastes the same – but is smaller in size. The reason this is done is to provide basmati rice to the people of India at a more affordable price.

You can always use the Eravat basmati rice daily and reserve the more expensive rice for celebrations. Trying new rice that yields the same result but at a more affordable price might be a good thing to try.


Heera is yet another brand that produces inexpensive and affordable basmati rice. You can easily include this in your daily meal or serve it on special occasions. The aroma that comes out of the rice will spread to every corner of the house while being cooked.

The only drawback of the Heera basmati rice is that it is not aged for long enough (only 12 months), as compared to many other brands that age their rice for at least 2 years. This plays an important role because the time taken to age the rice can affect its overall quality.

basmati rice

24 Mantra

24 Mantra is the only brand on this list that produces 100% organic basmati rice that has been cultivated and grown without using any chemical fertilizers or insecticides. This ensures that all the nutrients are intact and that the rice retains its fragrance. It also remains separated and non-sticky so that there is no chance of the grains breaking.

What makes this the best basmati rice brand in India is that it is aged for 2 years to provide you with the best quality.

The brands mentioned above, along with many others, have become large-scale producers of basmati rice that is consumed by people all over India and even outside. This section will give you an overview of some of the best basmati rice in India so that you have an idea of what to expect when you venture out to the market.

Top 10 Best Basmati Rice In India 2024

Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice 10 Lbs
  • Extra Long Basmati Rice (XL)
  • Net Wt. 10 Lbs.

The Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice is one of the finest rice that you will find in the market today. It has been grown over a period of 2 years in the paddy to improve its quality and ease of digestion. It comes with an earthy aroma that will definitely enhance any dish.

This basmati rice is perfect for making regular steamed rice on a daily basis, or you can even use it to make special dishes. This product is also gluten-free, and hence that takes care of your health.

The rice grains have been refined using some of the best scientific technologies to provide you with a product that is safe and tasty to consume. You can cook this rice as you please – using the open pot method, the closed pot method, or the microwave method. These methods will differ in terms of the time taken and the water required. You can follow the instructions provided with the product to cook it.

India Gate Basmati Rice

India Gate - White Basmati Rice - Jute, 10 Pound
  • India Gate basmati comes from fertile foothill of Himalaya
  • India Gate basmati is pure white fragrant long grain rice

India Gate is a brand that has been known for its production of some of the best basmati rice in India. It understands the importance and value of aged rice, which tends to grow better as time passes. Hence, this India Gate rice is stored for 2 years before selling it in the market.

This rice is also popular because it is quite affordable. The rice grains are some of the finest, and they contain many nutritional values. Often it so happens that the grains are polished to such an extent to make them look completely white that they lose important nutritional elements – but India Gate’s variant retains all of its heartiness.

You will find this basmati rice easily accessible in most markets and even online on various websites. India Gate dates back to 1889, the year in which it began to manufacture and supply basmati rice to India as well as places like America and Europe. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, the flavors and aroma of the India Gate basmati rice are relished by one and all.

Use it to make delicious biryani, pulao, or just plain steamed rice, and enjoy hearty meals with the India Gate basmati rice.

Daawat Super Basmati

Daawat Super Basmati, 1kg with 25% Extra
  • Safe and clean
  • Untouched by human hands

Daawat, a name that translates to ‘feast’, will provide you with premium-quality basmati rice that is perfect for all meals. This rice has a sweet and aromatic smell, is available in various quantities, and also offers 25% extra.

The rice grains get elongated after cooking. Daawat guarantees you beautifully cooked rice that is fluffy, well-separated, and not at all sticky. The grains are of the finest quality, and unlike most other rice, you will never feel too full and uncomfortable after eating this basmati rice.

The texture of the rice is smooth, and it has a silvery-yellow hue that proves how natural the rice is. Daawat spends many years storing the rice in the paddy before selling it because the older the rice gets, the better its quality, taste, and smell. It can be used to make many versatile dishes like risotto, pulao, paella, biryani, and so on.

The maximum levels of safety and hygiene are maintained while packing the rice to ensure that it reaches you in the best condition. The packaging is sealed to prevent the entry of any germs or insects that can infect the rice and make it harmful for consumption. With Daawat, you can now enjoy the tasty flavors of basmati rice every day.

SHRILALMAHAL Empire Basmati Rice

SHRILALMAHAL Empire Basmati Rice (Most Premium), 10 lbs / 160 oz
  • Minimal sugar, Fat and Cholesterol for Healthy Living.
  • Treated and Processed with Love to delight your "Loved Ones".

Shrilalmahal is a brand that has been in the business of producing the best basmati rice in India ever since 1907. Since then, this basmati rice has been a popular choice amongst all. Any ordinary basmati rice will measure up to 12 mm, but these rice grains are 24 mm long.

The rice grains are very easy to digest because of the way they are grown and aged for over 2 years. Unlike other basmati rice, the Shrilalmahal basmati rice is completely unadulterated and pure. The packaging does not consist of any other type of basmati rice mixed with this kind.

Ever wondered what the secret is behind the famous Hyderabadi biryani that Indians love so much? It is this particular brand of basmati rice that is used. Its subtle, sweet flavor and strong aroma encapsulate the senses and enhance any dish it is used with.

The rice contains very little cholesterol and fat to take care of your health needs. This rice contains all the properties that make it of superior quality and ensures that your health and taste buds are well taken care of. This pack is 5 kg, but there are other packages available as well. The only drawback of the brand is that it is quite expensive.

Kohinoor Platinum Basmati Rice

The Kohinoor Platinum Basmati Rice is perfectly suitable to be cooked on any kind of occasion. The manufacturing facility where the rice is made uses world-class scientific technologies to ensure that the rice grains are of the finest quality. This basmati rice has a very distinct aroma that is preserved by the expert techniques used.

You can use rice for daily consumption and also for special family occasions. Meals are made memorable with the beautiful aroma and taste of this basmati rice. The Kohinoor Charminar Rozana basmati rice can be used to make khichdi, pulao, biryani, risotto, tomato rice, and many other such dishes.

This brand has a strict policy against exporting rice because it believes it keeps the best reserved only for the people of this country. The most authentic Indian flavors are brought to the table of every Indian by Kohinoor. The same rice is also available in a 1 kg pack.

The rice has been aged for a long time to arrive at a result that is healthy and tasty. You may cook the rice in many different ways as it suits you and by whatever means are available to you. Use a pot or the microwave, and the result will be the same beautiful cooked, fluffy, long, and aromatic basmati rice. Get home the Kohinoor Charminar Rozana basmati rice to enjoy every meal of the day.

Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

Daawat Brown Basmati Rice, 5kg
  • Size: 11.02 Pound (Pack of 1)
  • Daawat Brown Basmati Rice, 5kg

This is the first brown basmati rice on the list – which is a different ball game altogether because brown rice has certain distinct qualities as compared to regular basmati rice. Brown rice is known for its nutritional value as it is a whole grain. It contains fiber that keeps bad cholesterol in check.

It also helps in better digestion and prevents the formation of blood clots in your body. Brown basmati rice has an even lower glycemic index as compared to regular basmati rice. The Daawat brown basmati rice is special because it can be cooked perfectly only in 15 minutes.

Every grain comes fully intact, and they become soft and tasty to eat. It is diabetic-friendly and hence, good for you or anyone in your family who has high blood sugar. It is also very healthy for your heart and other cardiovascular functions. The rice is HET processed and contains valuable vitamins and minerals which strengthen your immunity.

Another reason why people often prefer brown basmati rice over a regular one is that it is good for weight loss. The rice has a shelf life of 12 months, which is the period within which you must consume the rice.

AMIRA Basmati Rice

AMIRA is one of those brands that you might not have heard of, but it ranks as one of the best basmati rice in India based on reviews by customers. AMIRA ensures that the quality of the rice is maintained so that every meal that you have is not only tasty but also healthy. This particular product comes in a 1 kg package, but you can also get bigger packages if required.

Some of the latest and best scientific technologies have been utilized to manufacture this rice. It is the finest in the market, as every grain is long and equal in size. The longer the grains, the better is the quality, as the purity of the grain is retained.

The rice has been allowed to age for many years so that it only improves in quality to become more aromatic and flavorful. The price at which this rice comes is quite reasonable, given that basmati rice tends to be more expensive than normal rice in general. Enjoy some of the most memorable celebrations of your life with a feast that includes the Amyrah Excel basmati rice.

Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice

Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice, 1kg
  • Enticing aroma
  • Suitable for all recipes

Fortune is a brand that was initially popular for its oil, and very recently, it has started manufacturing basmati rice as well. The Fortune Rozana basmati rice can be consumed on a daily basis, and not just on special occasions, because of its easy accessibility and affordable price. The pricing is, in fact, quite less compared to what any other brand has to offer.

This basmati rice has a very enticing aroma, and the smell is strong and aromatic too. This rice can be used to make a variety of recipes, and you can even experiment with it to try out something new.

The packaging of the Fortune Rozana basmati rice is another thing that must be appreciated because of the hygiene standards that are held to a high level. The rice remains non-sticky after cooking, and this keeps the grains separated from each other. The Fortune basmati rice can be stored for almost 24 months without going bad. You can use the rice for daily use for any kind of dish.

Other than the 1 kg pack, the 5 kg packet is available for purchase. If there are many members in your family or if you have a special occasion or celebration around the corner, you can always purchase the bigger pack.

TAJ Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice

TAJ Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice, Naturally Aged, 10-Pounds
  • TAJ Gourmet Brown Basmati Rice. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • High in protein and fiber (whole grain)

This TAJ basmati rice comes in a 5 kg package, which is available at a reasonable price. The rice grains are long, soft, and delicate once they are cooked. Every grain is full of flavor, and the aroma is strong, and both help enhance the overall flavor of any dish you might make it with.

Rated as one of the best basmati rice in India, this particular product is relatively new in the market, as Pansari is traditionally an oil-producing company. However, be it the Pansari oil or basmati rice, both are equally healthy and delicious to taste. The rice can be cooked in any method or using any recipe of your choice.

This basmati rice has been produced keeping in mind customers who wish to have basmati rice on a daily basis. Thus, you can make steamed rice, which is part of the staple diet in many Indian households, but you can also use the rice to make pulao and biryani for specific occasions. The rice is processed using state-of-the-art technology that is the most advanced in the country.

No preservatives or artificial colors have been added to this basmati rice. It is best if you store the rice in a clean, hygienic, and airtight container that will help the rice to last for a longer duration.

Golden Crown Traditional Premium Basmati Rice

The Golden Crown Traditional Premium Basmati Rice is the last one on our list of the best basmati rice in India. The grains that this brand produces are extra long, and they get even more elongated (2.5 times more) after being cooked. You can cook the rice in a pot using a gas stove or even use your microwave, whichever suits you.

After cooking, this basmati rice has the highest yield as compared to any other rice within the same price range. It is mostly used to prepare dishes like jeera rice, pulao, etc., and has been declared to be a favorite by many great chefs in India as well. The packing of this rice is excellent, as it is ensured that no amount of moisture gets to enter it.

Storing the rice after opening the package is also easy because the package comes with a zip lock system, so you do not require a separate container. It is made sure that no artificial flavor, color, or smell is added to the rice so that whatever you eat is 100% natural, fresh from the paddy fields.

The authentic or original taste of every dish is brought out by Pansari’s basmati rice. The rice can be easily digested, and it is good for health because of the lower amount of fat that it contains. The rice does not become dry or sticky even after a long time of cooking. It stays fresh and aromatic as ever.


Rice is such an important part of the diet of so many people across the country that its affordability and accessibility become a crucial question we must discuss. People often consume basmati rice without any knowledge about it. This article aims to help you with information about the various factors that need to be considered before buying rice, the different brands that sell it, and so on.

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