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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<


Karaoke Safari
every Tuesday


2/21, 7pm Mr. Hip, Venture Klan, Crimdella

2/23, 7pm HundredMillionThousand, Xuan Rong, Public Speaking, Compactor 11pm Dj Shogun 805

2/24, 7pm Amy Rigby (album release show), Lenny Kaye 11pm Let's Play House - Jacques Renault & Friends

2/28, 7pm Fat Heaven, Anti-Difranco



3/2, 11pm CX KIDTRONIK

3/3, 7pm Ilan Makes Noise, Vapers, Ellen & The Degenerates, Answering Machine 11pm Vic At Nite w/ Dj Big Vic

3/4, 7pm Völur, 1476

3/5, 7pm Meviu§, Autodrone, Spirits, of Leo, The More

3/8, 7pm Karen & The Sorrows, Tatters & Rags, Girls On Grass

3/9, 7pm Mikey Erg, The Slow Death, Nervous Triggers, Headlines 11pm Pal Joey

3/10, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

3/12, 7pm Continental, Bikini Carwash, The Flux Machine

3/15, 7pm Esham, Anti

3/17, 11pm That Feel w/ Dj Tahleim

3/16, 7pm The Generators, Ratas En Zelo 11pm KDS & Proper Edakit

3/22, 7pm Wolfmanhattan Project (Mick Collins, Kid Congo, Bob Bert), Art Gray Noizz Quintet, Robert Kennedy Assassination

3/23, 7pm Great Wight, Giant In The Lighthouse, OG Sharks, Boardgames, Good Looking Friends 11pm PF Cuttin'

3/24, 7pm Suaka 11pm Lovesless Night - Single Release Party

3/25, 7pm Suaka

3/28, 7pm Bunny X

3/29, 7pm Skum City

3/31, 11pm Club Crooks w/ Dj Izm



4/14, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

4/20, 7pm Desert Sharks, Grace Vonderkuhn, Sister Munch, Nevva 11pm KDS & Proper Edakit

4/21, 7pm House Of Blondes (Time Trip album release party) 11pm That Feel w/ Dj Tahliem

4/27, 11pm PF Cuttin

4/28, 11pm Club Crooks w/ Dj Ism



5/12, 7pm Hub City Stompers (album release), No Redeeming Social Value, The Ladrones, None Above All

5/19, 7pm Tsunami Bomb, Trashy, Fat Heaven



6/2, 7pm Nervous Eaters, Metalleg




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