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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<


Karaoke Safari
every Tuesday


9/15, 7pm The Primals (Southern Lord), Vandalizer 11pm DJ Club Crooks

9/16, 7pm Lee Tiger & The Broken Blues Band, Bbigpigg, Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel 11pm that feel with Talheim

9/18, 7pm Phil Gammage, Kristin Flammio

9/20, 7pm Butthole University, Anti-Difranco, Recreational Outrage

9/21, 11pm DJ young adult friction

9/22, 7pm Secret Headliner, Los Bungalitos, Lakras, Slashers 11pm DJ scratch

9/23, 7pm Kyah Baby

9/26, 7pm Pears, Moral Panic , Taking Meds, Weird Skin

9/28, 11pm DJ Tnyfox

9/29, 7pm Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Crazy And The Brains



10/4, 7pm Screamin' Rebel Angels, Danger*Cakes, Late Slip

10/5, 7pm MDC, Elected Officials, Urban Waste, Cop/Out 11pm DJ Sleepy and Boo

10/6, 7pm Baby Dayliner, James Sparber’s Pleasure Machine, Hermes 11pm DJ Big Vic

10/7, 7pm Glass Lungs, Grey Heron

10/11, 7pm Molten, Mr. Payday

10/12, 11pm DJ Gordon

10/13, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

10/18, 7pm Traverse, Goddamnit, Winded

10/19, 7pm Be Yourself Presents Pop Punk/Emo Karaoke 11pm PF Cuttin

10/20, 7pm The Fake Boys, Badbone, Mathew Mast, DJ Rottweilin

10/27, 7pm The Plimsouls



11/1, 7pm Curelight Wounds, A Place Both Wonderful And Strange, Plight, Watergh0st




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