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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<


Karaoke Safari
every Tuesday


7/12, 7pm The Nuclears, Divided Heaven, The Loneliers, Scarboro

7/13, 7pm Kimya Dawson, Daphne 11pm Pf cuttin

7/14, 7pm Kimya Dawson 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

7/16, 7pm Autodrone, Curelight Wounds, Turbo Goth

7/17, 7pm The Upfux, Noogy, Cop/Out, Ensamble Calavera

7/20, 7pm Sidi Touré

7/21, 7pm Lié 11pm That Feel with Talheim

7/23, 7pm Child Abuse, Malevich, Mary Todd, Nerveshatter

7/25, 7pm Waste Man

7/27, 7pm White Mystery, Secret Guests, Max Pain And The Groovies, DJ Nick Gazin 11pm DJ Gordon

7/28, 11pm DJ Izm

7/29, 7pm The Gifted Showcase



8/2, 7pm Lola Pistola, Ladrones (PR), Lilith Velkor

8/4, 7pm The Dollyrots 11pm Dj Big Vic

8/8, 7pm Lower Automation, Stay Inside

8/10, 7pm Ultramagnetic MCs

8/11, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

8/14, 7pm Kill Lincoln W/ Joystick, Go Big (Members Of High School Football Heroes), Stop The Presses



9/1, 7pm James Chance & The Contortions

9/7, 7pm HR Of Bad Brains

9/13, 7pm Blackout, T-Tops, Mick's Jaguar

9/14, 7pm The Avengers




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