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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<


Karaoke Safari
every Tuesday


11/7, 7pm Portrayal of Guilt, Mary Todd, Lover's Touch, Hellkeeper

11/9, 7pm The Naked Heroes, Third Culture Kings, PRIMA PRIMO, Merc Yes

11/10, 7pm Sticks & Stones (reunion/last show for the forseeable future), Nervous Triggers, Young Ladies, Damage Done 11pm Vic At Night w/ Dj Big Vic

11/11, 7pm Franks & Deans (punk rock Rat Pack tribute) 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

11/15, 7pm Tight Fright, Sugarlife, Butthole University

11/16, 7pm Tower, Junta, Thick, Blacksage 11pm Dj Sarabeth aka Dj Why Tho?

11/17, 7pm D'NT 11pm Rok One & Sticky Doljah

11/18, 7pm Deem Spencer, Ave Campbell 11pm Loveless Nights

11/19, 7pm White Boy & The Average Rat Band

11/21, 7pm Robert Francis

11/24, 7pm 11pm Rachel Manya

11/25, 7pm
Great Wight, Carousel Horses 11pm Version w/ djs Tap 10 & Meaux -Turntable Lab

11/27, 7pm Les Bicyclettes Blanches

11/28, 7pm The Gifted Showcase

11/30, 7pm The Gods Themselves



12/1, 11pm Dj Patrick Allen

12/2, 11pm That's So Raben & Friends

12/3, 7pm Bottleneck, Kangaroo, Sharkswimmer

12/6, 7pm Pikoe, Songs To Dance Alone To

12/9, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

12/13, 7pm August Wells, Belle-Skinner

12/15, 7pm Wreckless Eric, Joe Jack Talcum (The Dead Milkmen) 11pm T*O*N*Y

12/16, 11pm Loveless Nights

12/20, 7pm Mishka Shubally, Timo Ellis

12/22, 11pm SPRUNG w/ Dj Dirtyfinger & Friends

12/27, 7pm John Davis (ex-The Folk implosion) & The Cicadas, The Mona Passage

12/30, 11pm Party Patrol



1/23, 7pm U.S. Bombs




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