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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<


Karaoke Safari
every Tuesday


4/1, 7pm Blair Crimmins & The Hookers, Bill Carney’s Jug Addicts

4/5, 7pm Love Is A Fist, Hila The Killa, Love Always, Mr. Hip

4/6, 7pm Such Hounds, Bad Bone, The Peels 11pm Sleepy & Boo

4/7, 11pm Dj Big Vic

4/8, 7pm Pinkish Black, Netherlands, Blacksage, Motor Teresa

4/13, 11pm Michna DJ Set

4/14, 7pm Go Big, Abraskadabra, The Pandemics, Raise The Kicks 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

4/15, 7pm The Crack Rock Steady Seven, Trashy, Skull Caster 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

4/19, 7pm Midnight Crisis, Gotham Rockets

4/20, 7pm Desert Sharks, Grace Vonderkuhn, Sister Munch, Nevva 11pm PF Cuttin

4/21, 7pm House of Blondes “Time Trip” album release show w/ Pas Musique, Ariana van Gelder, DJ Scott Williams 11pm That Feel w/ Dj Tahliem

4/25, 7pm Broken Dead (OR), Skull Caster, Sister Munch, Olor A Muerte

4/26, 7pm Prostitution “Spring Break” release party w/ Dead Empires, Chained to the Dead, Mary Todd

4/27, 7pm Booze & Glory, Antagonizers ATL 11pm Let's Play House- Jacques Renault

4/28, 7pm Robert Gordon, Screamin’ Rebel Angels 11pm Club Crooks w/ Dj Ism




5/5, 7pm Richard Lloyd (Television), Mighty Fine 11pm Dj Big Vic

5/11, 11pm Let's Play House Jacques Renault & Friends

5/12, 7pm Hub City Stompers (album release), No Redeeming Social Value, The Ladrones, None Above All 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

5/15, 7pm Tav Falco - Panther Burns

5/16, 7pm Ellen & The Degenerates, The Up! Up! Ups!, Mala Vista, Nervous Triggers

5/18, 7pm The Proletariat, Material Support, Atruth

5/19, 7pm Tsunami Bomb, Trashy, Fat Heaven 11pm That Feel w/ Dj Tahliem

5/25, 11pm Loveless Nights

5/26, 11pm Club Crooks w/ Dj Ism



6/21, 7pm The Creepshow



7/13, 7pm Kimya Dawson, Daphne

7/14, 7pm Kimya Dawson




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