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>>> 17 Ingraham St. ||| Bushwick, Brooklyn ||| Directions <<<



Karaoke Safari
every Sunday


4/3, 7pm Michael Glabicki Of Rusted Root W/ Dirk Miller

4/5, 7pm Amy Rigby

4/6, 7pm Passaway, Rare Future, Latewaves, Milly 11pm Dj Big Vic

4/9, 7pm David Dondero, Johnny Dynamite , Belle Skinner

4/10, 7pm Spirits Of Leo, Kempt, The Witch Kings

4/12, 7pm Demencia Alkoholika, 2Minute Minor, Trashy, Necrotic Society 11pm Sleepy & Boo

4/13, 7pm Baby Dayliner, Sir Jarlsberg 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

4/15, 7pm Peppermint, Henty Something, Star 80, Swisher

4/16, 7pm Yoko Comedy At El Cortez

4/18, 7pm Richard Lloyd (Television)

4/19, 7pm The Gifted Showcase 11pm Kat Daddy

4/20, 7pm Unlocking The Truth, Sabbathwitch 11pm Bushwick Grand

4/25, 7pm Jack The Human, Second Nature, Sir Squatch, Krxnik, Saint Velez

4/27, 7pm Be Yourself Presents Pop Punk / Emo Karaoke



5/3, 7pm Zombi

5/4, 7pm Zombi 11pm Dj Big Vic

5/11, 11pm DJ MONSTER & Friends

5/16, 7pm HIRS Collective, Coherence, Choked Up

5/17, 7pm Bars Of Gold

5/20, 7pm Fall Of The Albatross, Velocirapture , Wait And Shackle

5/30, 7pm Child Abuse, The Enablers, Isolation Society



6/5, 7pm Joy On Fire, Brillbird, Pleasure Island

6/9, 7pm Voice Of Addicition




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